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Date NameParents
Aug. 24 Boy Griffin Caitlin and Landon
Aug. 24 Girl Lucy Heather and Zachary
Aug. 24 Girl Nora Brittany and Robert
Aug. 24 Girl Scarlett Danielle and Jason
Aug. 23 Boy Colt Megan and Troy
Aug. 23 Girl Scarlet Brittany and Andrew
Aug. 22 Boy Austin Emily and Toby
Aug. 22 Boy Mason Kristina and Tom
Aug. 21 Girl Adeline Gabrielle and Daniel
Aug. 21 Boy Lucas Kylie and Austin
Aug. 21 Girl Sophia Sarah and Joseph
Aug. 20 Girl Arabella Emily and Jason
Aug. 20 Girl Aria Wendy and Jared
Aug. 20 Girl Cora Kasey and Joe
Aug. 20 Boy Liam Toni and Eric
Aug. 20 Boy Morrison Nikkita and Kevin
Aug. 20 Boy Tanner Samantha and Troy
Aug. 19 Girl Chloe Erica and Steven
Aug. 18 Girl Addilyn Kayla and Ryan
Aug. 18 Girl Brynn Carly and Matthew
Aug. 18 Boy Ethan Jessica and Eric
Aug. 18 Boy Landon Andrea and Brandon
Aug. 18 Boy Tru Emilia and Trent
Aug. 17 Boy August Larissa and Will
Aug. 17 Boy Cameron Shyanne and Christopher
Aug. 17 Girl Madalyn Jessica and Joshua
Aug. 17 Boy William Kathleen and Jonas
Aug. 16 Girl Elayna Alli
Aug. 16 Girl Rachel Shawnay and Rick
Aug. 15 Girl Laney Michelle and Ryan
Aug. 14 Girl Delwen Robin and Stanley
Aug. 14 Boy Kyliek Sierra
Aug. 14 Boy Rys Mandy and Jamison
Aug. 14 Girl Seionna Vanessa and Gilbert
Aug. 13 Boy Carter Kierra and Dillon
Aug. 13 Boy Evan Wendy and Jeff
Aug. 13 Girl Janie Tessa and Dan
Aug. 13 Boy Marteese Tiffany and Alex
Aug. 13 Girl Reagan Maureen and Bernard
Aug. 12 Girl Ella Alexia and Aaron
Aug. 12 Boy Hayden Rebecca and Shawn
Aug. 12 Girl Lainey Jacquey and Cody
Aug. 11 Girl Ava Stefanie and Nathanael
Aug. 11 Boy Declan Samantha and Daniel
Aug. 11 Boy Ezra Kathryn and Collin
Aug. 11 Girl Grace Kristen and Albert
Aug. 11 Girl Laney Jenna and Brent
Aug. 11 Girl Paisley Autumn
Aug. 11 Girl Skylar Jodi and Robert
Aug. 10 Girl Caira Christina and Eric
Aug. 10 Boy Elijah Lea and Michael
Aug. 10 Boy Jackson Karah and Donald
Aug. 10 Girl Rylie Samantha and Josh
Aug. 9 Girl Laila Catherine
Aug. 8 Boy Alexander Colleen and Paul
Aug. 7 Girl Samantha Kelley and Daniel
Aug. 6 Boy Carson Nichole and Sean
Aug. 6 Boy Dwight Kayla and Dwight
Aug. 6 Boy Karter Adrienne and Ken
Aug. 5 Girl Autumn Savannah and Branden
Aug. 5 Boy Knox Kristen and Chad
Aug. 5 Boy Palmer Heather and John
Aug. 5 Girl Reagan Kaitlyn and Travis
Aug. 5 Boy Zaccheaus Alex
Aug. 4 Girl Clara Amber and Jean
Aug. 4 Boy Evret Lindsey and Justin
Aug. 4 Boy Javin Justine and James
Aug. 4 Boy Parker Julie and Clinton
Aug. 3 Boy Deklin Melissa
Aug. 3 Girl Phoenix Sharla
Aug. 3 Boy Timothy Wendy and Angelo
Aug. 2 Boy David Amber and David
Aug. 2 Girl June Jessie and Shawn
Aug. 1 Girl Evelyn Abbey and Grant
Aug. 1 Boy Jacob Nicole and Adam
Aug. 1 Boy Jovanni Samantha and Tim