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In accordance with the federal Deficit Reduction Act (DRA), Conemaugh Health System (CHS) is required to inform vendors, contractors or other agents having a business relationship with (CHS) or its affiliates about the Federal False Claims Act. CHS encourages its vendors, contractors and agents to read and be familiar with the applicable federal guidelines.

To understand and fully comply with these laws and policies, please become familiar with the following:

Federal Laws:
• False Claims Act, 31 US Code, §3729-3733

Pennsylvania Laws:
• Provider Fraud and Prohibited Acts, 62 Pa.C.S. §§ 1403(d)
• False Claims Act, House Bill No. 2994 (Pending Legislation)

CHS Organizational Policies:
• False Claims Act 
• Code of Conduct
Investigator Financial Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Research Studies
    Public Requests for Information: Responsible Official

The DRA also requires CHS to provide vendors with information about whistle blowing and non-retaliation. As part of its Problem Reporting and Non-Retaliation policy, CHS prohibits retaliation for reporting instances of wrongdoing, made in good faith. Suspected instances of wrongdoing may be reported through the Compliance Hotline.

Thank you for your assistance and your willingness to work with us to ensure compliance with legal and ethical requirements. If you have any questions or need additional information, please email us at compliance@conemaugh.org.