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Date NameParents
Apr. 14 Girl Caitlin Anne and William
Apr. 14 Girl Harmony Melissa and Christian
Apr. 14 Boy Marcus Tracy and James
Apr. 14 Boy Paxton Samantha and Tim
Apr. 13 Boy Rashad Marchel
Apr. 12 Girl Ila Tessie and Raakim
Apr. 12 Girl Kalleigh Kristina and Adam
Apr. 12 Girl Mya Allison and Seth
Apr. 12 Boy Ryan Amanda and David
Apr. 11 Boy Isaac Nicole and Michael
Apr. 11 Girl Kaelynn Allison and Doug
Apr. 10 Boy Isaac Lyndsey and Denon
Apr. 10 Boy Ryland Jenna and Shawn
Apr. 9 Boy Alexander Amanda and Adam
Apr. 9 Boy Damon Britany and David
Apr. 9 Girl Lillyona Lacy
Apr. 9 Girl Marlee Randi and Chris
Apr. 8 Girl Arianna Mindy and Scott
Apr. 8 Boy Brennan Bobbi and David
Apr. 8 Boy Cooper Kayla and Jeffrey
Apr. 8 Girl Sadie Brandi and Richard
Apr. 7 Girl Cadence Stacy and Corey
Apr. 7 Girl Emma Alyson and Nickolas
Apr. 7 Girl Gweneth Jennifer and Brett
Apr. 7 Boy Isaac Lisa and Frank
Apr. 7 Girl Reese Carissa and Anthony
Apr. 6 Boy Aaron Amanda and Aaron
Apr. 6 Girl Jamie Nicole
Apr. 6 Boy Silas Jennifer and Aaron
Apr. 5 Boy Brantley Jessica and Thomas
Apr. 5 Boy Jack Jill and Joshua
Apr. 5 Girl Layla Shawna and Bradley
Apr. 5 Girl MaKayla Lisa
Apr. 4 Girl Ariella Anita and Stephen
Apr. 4 Girl Brooklynne Katie and John
Apr. 4 Boy Kendrix Kristy and Jarod
Apr. 3 Boy Bradun Heather and James
Apr. 3 Boy Luke Kristie and Mark
Apr. 3 Boy Zay'den Lexi and Lewis
Apr. 2 Girl Jackkey Jessica and Jeffrey
Apr. 2 Girl Miley Amanda and Brian
Apr. 1 Girl Jaeda Ashley and Bruce
Apr. 1 Girl Julia Jennifer and Michael
Apr. 1 Girl Mikayla Angela and Levi