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Health Requirements

The information below outlines the program health requirements for enrollment. Please read carefully.  If items are not done and missing, enrollment may be delayed.  Students with incomplete health information will be unable to attend class and clinical coursework.

Health requirements must be completed within the applicable timeframes and can only be completed at:

Employee Health Office at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, Main Campus

The Employee Health Office is located in the Good Samaritan Building of Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center at 1020 Franklin Street, Johnstown, PA 15905, Ground Floor, Room # GS G200.

Please schedule your appointment with the Student Health Nurse at the contact information below.

The Student Health Nurse will start scheduling appointments in May 2021.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and guidelines in place at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, You must get a temperature screening when you enter the Good Sam Building of Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center.  Please enter the North Entrance Doors of the Good Sam Building.   Then proceed to the left and follow the hallway to the Employee Health Office.  Please wear a mask when you report and maintain social distancing guidelines.  A map is included to provide guidance.  Allow extra travel time so you are on time for your scheduled appointment.  If the doors are locked, please call the Employee Health Office at 814-534-1043 to provide admittance to the building.

The following items are the health requirements and will be complete at the Employee Health Office:

Item  Requirement                                                                                                                                    Timeframe/Further Information                      
1 Physical Exam Within 30 days prior to the first day of class
2 Titers (Blood work) Hepatitis B, Rubella, Rubeola, and Varicella. Students will be sent to the Outpatient Lab at CMMC at the time of your physical to have this blood work done.
3 Any Needed Vaccinations
4 Urine Drug Screen Within 30 days prior to the first day of class

The following are items to bring with you to your scheduled appointment:



Further Information                                
1 Entrance Examination Form (click here for form) Complete entire form including the respirator questionnaire and bring to your scheduled appointment
2 Updated Immunization Record Should include 2 MMR Vaccines and 2 Varicella Vaccines along with proof of last TDAP (Tetanus) Vaccine
3 Titers

If titers for Hepatitis B, Rubella, Rubeola, and Varicella have been completed in the past, please bring the results to the appointment.

If you have not had done in the past, the blood work will be drawn at the time of your appointment. 

4 Photo ID
5 Social Security Number
6 Drink plenty of fluids For urine specimen

Any costs associated with these exams are included in your student comprehensive fees.

Please Note:  For all the health requirements to get done in a timely and efficient manner, it is important to please be prompt for your scheduled appointments and have all necessary information with you at these appointments. If you are ill, please contact the Student Health Nurse to reschedule your appointment. 


  • If you need to have any additional medical clearance such as further testing that is not included in the physical exam as recommended by the Employee Health Office provider, you will need to contact and/or schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Physician and provide necessary documentation of the requested testing.  Depending on any previous health history, you may also need to submit to the Employee Health Office provider further documentation from your Primary Care Physician that you are able to perform and participate in the School of Nursing and/or Allied Health Programs.  Any cost associated with these exams are the student's responsibility.  
  • Students will be notified by the Student Health Nurse at the beginning of the school year if they will be required to receive any updated vaccinations based on the results of their titer blood work. 
  • Tuberculin Skin Testing, as per CMMC policy, will be required and completed during the first week of class.
  • Influenza Vaccines are mandatory and will be provided at no cost to the student starting in October. 

If you have questions about the information on this page and/or to schedule your appointment, please contact:

Patricia Huber Smith, BSN, RN
Student Health Nurse
Office: (814) 534-9485
Fax: (814) 534-9945 or (814) 534-5659