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Who Let the Ducks Out?!
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Posted: 2013-06-11

PHOTO: Tyler Berkebile, Good Samaritan building Valet

What’s all the quacking about? Patients and employees alike could have asked themselves that very question around 7 a.m. on May 20, 2013.

As Tyler Berkebile was arriving at his post in the Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Good Samaritan Valet Circle, he was greeted by more than the normal traffic and noises. Consistent chirping was coming from a sewer drain near the entrance of the circle. To accompany the chorus of chirping, a mother duck was frantically quacking as Tyler stepped closer to the drain.

Once over top the manhole, it was clear to Tyler why the mother duck was so frantic. Seven of her babies had fallen into the drain! About a four to five foot drop, the babies had fallen through the grate and were trapped below.

It was time to call in reinforcements.

Conemaugh Memorial Security officers arrived on scene to assist. Because the sewer is owned by the city of Johnstown, there was a little confusion as to who had clearance to enter the manhole to get the ducklings out. City police, Animal Control, and the fire department were called to help the efforts. Once there, Animal Control lifted the manhole, put a ladder in, and brought the babies back to level ground. They were gently placed in a transportation crate for safety.

Reuniting the mother with her ducklings was a different challenge as she was reluctant to make it into the cage. Finally one of the security officers was able to grab her. Animal Control transported mother and ducklings to a safer and happier home. After the three hour ordeal, everyone was able to get back to the normal routine, but with a great story to tell!

Excellence. Every Patient. Every Time. -- even if you’re a duck!

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Story by Marissa Miller, Marketing Communications Intern

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