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Date NameParents
Apr. 17 Boy Atrail Josie and Atrail
Apr. 17 Girl Ava Rose
Apr. 17 Girl Kaylee Laura and Kyle
Apr. 17 Girl Mia Nicole and Justin
Apr. 16 Girl Adaleen Jodi and Andrew
Apr. 16 Girl Avery Kayla and Nathan
Apr. 16 Girl Brielle Kayla and Nathan
Apr. 16 Girl Sadie Lindsey and Kevin
Apr. 15 Girl Lyla Kristie and Justin
Apr. 15 Girl Raegan Kaycee and Anhony
Apr. 14 Boy Austin Amanda and Brett
Apr. 14 Boy Hudson Melanie and Rob
Apr. 14 Boy Jacob Alicia and Jacob
Apr. 14 Girl Maddison Kelly and Ben
Apr. 14 Boy Wyatt Jessica and Philip
Apr. 13 Girl Addilynne Tiffany and Ted
Apr. 13 Boy Colby Vanessa and Ryan
Apr. 13 Girl Kylie Nicole and Sam
Apr. 12 Boy Kaleb Victoris and Derek
Apr. 12 Girl Williow Kelly and Chris
Apr. 11 Girl Avelina Alyssa and Timothy
Apr. 11 Boy Gabriel Taylor and Jackie
Apr. 11 Girl Quinn Jessica and Cory
Apr. 10 Boy Jordan Nicole and Thomas
Apr. 10 Boy Logan Julie and Philip
Apr. 10 Boy Zachary Amanda
Apr. 9 Boy Adam Leigh and Zachary
Apr. 9 Girl Gracelynn Jessica and Marc
Apr. 9 Boy Owen Jessica and Shawn
Apr. 8 Boy Caden Alexondria and Nickolas
Apr. 8 Boy Gabriel Jennifer and Brad
Apr. 7 Girl Claire Jody and Rick
Apr. 7 Boy Davied Amanda and Matthew
Apr. 7 Girl Karen Dorothy
Apr. 7 Girl Kiera Jean Claire and Bane
Apr. 7 Boy Logan Abigail and Kyle
Apr. 6 Girl Camber Misty and Matt
Apr. 6 Girl Layla Jennifer
Apr. 6 Girl Payton Jennifer
Apr. 4 Girl Alexandra Maria and Anthony
Apr. 4 Girl Aria Christina and Greg
Apr. 4 Girl Charley Amber and Chad
Apr. 4 Girl Evelynn Theresa and Charlie
Apr. 4 Girl MadiLynn Angela and Cory
Apr. 3 Boy Antonio Natalie and John
Apr. 2 Girl Cameron Jordin and Josh
Apr. 2 Boy Seth Elaine and Joshua
Apr. 1 Girl Adelynn Tiffany and Venny
Apr. 1 Boy Dakoda Rebecca and Patrick
Apr. 1 Girl Gianna Mimi and Gregory
Apr. 1 Boy Giovanni Kristi and Richard
Apr. 1 Girl Madison Danielle and David
Apr. 1 Boy Samuel Carrie and Brian