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Date NameParents
Dec. 17 Girl Gracelynn Julie and Bill
Dec. 17 Boy Jackson Jamie and Matthew
Dec. 17 Boy Parker Rachael and Cody
Dec. 17 Girl Raelynn Shawnee and Bradley
Dec. 16 Boy Joseph Amber and Joseph
Dec. 15 Girl Bailee Detorra
Dec. 15 Girl Gracelynn Courtney and Jesse
Dec. 15 Girl Marilyn Dawn and Jason
Dec. 15 Boy Michael Dawn and Michael
Dec. 14 Girl Abriella Mandie
Dec. 14 Girl Amirah Tracie and Jonah
Dec. 13 Boy Brantley Tiffany and Jason
Dec. 13 Boy Ryker Marissa and Adam
Dec. 12 Girl Abigail Heather and Aaron
Dec. 12 Boy Brady Brenda and Stephen
Dec. 12 Girl Casey Lacey and Mark
Dec. 12 Boy Ryan Holly and Joshua
Dec. 11 Girl Alana Heidi and Christopher
Dec. 11 Boy Kade Michelle and Javonte
Dec. 11 Girl Karla Charnell and Josh
Dec. 11 Boy Kayden Megan and Anthony
Dec. 11 Girl Mia lakisha and Michael
Dec. 10 Girl Airadessa Ashley and Quency
Dec. 10 Boy Hudson Marica and Timothy
Dec. 10 Boy Hunter Brandy and Adam
Dec. 10 Boy Quinn Janelle and Brian
Dec. 9 Boy Case'linna Shianne and Zachary
Dec. 9 Girl Elianna Elizabeth
Dec. 9 Girl Laikyn Megan and Shawn
Dec. 9 Girl Paisley Casey and Rodney
Dec. 8 Girl Addalyn Chelsey and Joshua
Dec. 8 Girl Averi Paula and James
Dec. 8 Girl Ta'Tiana Christine and Andre
Dec. 6 Girl Halle Stacy and Christopher
Dec. 5 Boy Ismaeel Nikhath and Anser
Dec. 5 Girl Laura Jennifer and Steven
Dec. 5 Girl Madeline Emily and Chris
Dec. 5 Girl Sanaii Ebony and Jermaine
Dec. 5 Girl Sienna Angela and Robert
Dec. 4 Girl Lilah Katy and Greg
Dec. 4 Girl Nova Tiara and Tom
Dec. 3 Girl Brielle Jessica and Vince
Dec. 3 Girl Emma Melissa and Jason
Dec. 3 Boy Richard Tanya and Richard
Dec. 2 Girl Abigail Lindsey and Michael
Dec. 2 Boy Silas Allison and Bruce
Dec. 2 Boy Zachary Lindsey and Neil
Dec. 1 Girl Freya Michelle
Dec. 1 Boy Kiefer Natalie and Chad