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Cognitive Rehabilitation
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After a person suffers some type of injury to their brain, whether it be from a traumatic accident, a stroke, or brain tumor to name a few examples, it is often necessary to undergo a structured rehabilitation program, to prepare for the transition to a productive and satisfying life.

Each treatment plan is designed to meet the individualized needs of the patient and may focus on safety in the community, interacting with others, goal-setting, money management, or vocational evaluation and training. This can include educational support, job placement, or on-site job coaching to help individuals return to work or school.

Skills are practiced and strategies taught to improve function and/or compensate for remaining deficits.

Although we cannot “heal” a brain injury we can provide the tools a patient may need in learning to deal with the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems which may be present after a brain injury.

The cognitive rehabilitation program is available at all of our Crichton Rehabilitation sites, for more information, please call (814)534-6236.