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Efficacy of Patient Controlled Oral Analgesia in a Trauma Population

Research Study:  This is an IN-Patient study to determine the impact on pain scores between patients who take their as needed oral pain medication on their own versus patients receiving as needed oral pain medication from the nurse.  This study will use a device called the MOD (Medication on Demand) to safely and securely deliver oral pain medications to a patient at their bedside.

The study lasts for 12 hours and requires the completion of a Pain Diary at designated times. 

This study will enroll only Trauma patients with lower extremity fractures who are able to use the MOD device.

Study eligibility will be determined by the patient’s clinician.

Institution – Memorial Medical Center
Principal Investigator -S. Lee Miller, M.D.

Enrollment Information
For further information about enrolling in this trial, contact the person below:
Name – Jean M. Garguilo
Email – jgarguil@conemaugh.org
Phone – ( 814)-534-1447

Enrollment for IN-Patient research studies requires that a patient be approached by a clinician in charge of their care. The clinician will briefly explain the study to the patient and ask if they are interested in participation. If the patient wishes to learn more about the study a study coordinator will explain the study in detail and obtain their consent.