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Establishment of a Polio Survivor Registry

Research Study:  A self-administered Internet questionnaire (www.postpolio.conemaugh.org) is being used to collect data on polio survivors.  The information collected will be used to develop both retrospective and prospective research studies on polio and post-polio syndrome.  Studies may involve analyses of the age distribution of polio survivors, polio symptomatology and demographics. 

The research takes place at the John P. Murtha Neuroscience and Pain Institute located at Conemaugh East Hills, 1450 Scalp Avenue, Suite 003A, Johnstown, PA.  .

Institution – Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center

Principal Investigator – William DeMayo, MD

Enrollment Information
For further information about enrolling in this trial, contact:

Lisa Pasierb, PhD
lpasierb@conemaugh.org or visit www.postpolio.conemaugh.org
(814) 269-5248