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Gold Star Winners
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Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center
Gold Star Winners

The Gold Star Program was created in 1999. Employees can be nominated for Gold Stars by patients, co-workers and physicians. We look for nominations that detail acts/behaviors that exceed the job expectations of the employee. 

Click here for Gold Star Nomination Form or call Service Excellence at (814) 534-3177 to nominate a Gold Star recipient.


CMMC Gold Star july 2015

Deb Meagher – 9 Rose
A patient’s family and coworker nominated Deb.

"Deb is a unit clerk on 9 Rose. Deb is a very kind and caring person who is dedicated to her role on 9 Rose. One day she was assisting the nurses with an elderly patient who was going for testing. The patient was very frail, confused, and frightened. She kept getting distracted by the beautiful flower arrangements that her roommate received. Repeatedly she would ask the staff if they were her flowers. Staff members sometimes answered politely that they were her roommate’s flowers and other times did not know how to answer her because they did not want her feelings hurt. Deb thought all day about this encounter with the patient and at the end of her shift she went and bought a beautiful flower arrangement and took it to the patient. The elderly woman smiled proudly. Even though the next day she did not remember who gave her the flowers, she was happy knowing that she had her very own flower arrangement. The patient’s granddaughter wrote a letter: My grandmother was your patient. The staff was extremely good to her and to me. You all deserve a huge thank you. There is one person who went above and beyond her job. Deb Meagher took it upon herself to purchase a gorgeous flower arrangement for Gram – all because Gram admired the flowers that her roommate had. That kind of caring and compassion go beyond any form of gratitude that I can give. Deb has demonstrated the true meaning of humanity and selfless devotion to others. Thank you 9 Rose staff and to Deb – a huge kiss and God’s blessing. "

 CMMC Gold Star May 2015

Meghan Bolinger - PCRC
A coworker nominated Meghan.

We want to recognize Meghan for her work in PCRC. Meghan always shows her dedication and CARING attitude, but we want to recognize her innovation. Meghan worked with the Pharmacy to implement a program for patients who are on the formulary Tudorza. Tudorza is a prescription inhaler used to treat patients with COPD. It comes in a prefilled, single patient use container. There is often medication left in the container at the time of the patient’s discharge from the hospital, however the medication was always discarded and the patient given a prescription for home use. Meghan worked with the pharmacy to put a process in place where Meghan obtains a prescription from the physician and appropriately labels the remainder of the medication for home use. The process saves the patient money and also helps reduce a potential readmission if the patient is unable to make it to their pharmacy to refill their prescription immediately. Meghan has received a lot of positive feedback from physicians and patients alike for implementing this innovative process. Meghan actively looks for ways to improve patient outcomes, far beyond the scope of her job. Thank you Meghan for living our value of innovation and helping us create the ideal patient experience.

CMMC Gold Star March 2015

Bradee Lauver – MS7
A physician and coworker nominated Bradee

"Bradee’s patients all describe her as being great, understanding, caring and attentive. However, the patients do not understand how she truly is an advocate for their well being and safety. When she knows a patient is in need, she persists until she finds a solution. Recently Bradee had a patient and she sensed that something was wrong and that the patient may need additional testing. She contacted all the physicians involved with the patient’s care and through her interventions the physician ordered additional tests on the patient. The results came back showing the patient needed emergency surgery to repair his aorta. The physician said that Bradee’s attention and persistence saved this patient’s life and he asked that she be recognized. Bradee followed many of the CTQs from the Ideal Patient Experience class. She paid attention to her patient, coordinated care and communicated appropriately with the physicians involved. She did all of this with courtesy and kindness. Thank you Bradee for being an advocate for our patients and living our CARING Values!"

Barb Zimmerman – 9 Rose
A coworker nominated Barb
"Barb is a nurse aid on 9 Rose who provides the Ideal Patient Experience by her compassion and care for both her patients and her coworkers. She truly has a heart of gold and strives to provide outstanding patient care while encouraging teamwork and boosting morale on 9 Rose. Here are only a few examples of the many things Barb has done:
• Barb initiated a “memory tree” displayed each holiday in the 9 Rose waiting room. She handmade ornaments that visitors could dedicate to loved ones who had passed away. They wrote the deceased’s name on the ornament and hung on the tree. Visitors filled the tree quickly and expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the tree.
• Barb always wants to keep morale up on the floor. She had won 3 turkeys in a raffle and she donated them to the department for teamwork awards. She regularly buys snacks for the department to treat coworkers on busy days and she always leaves notes to cheer up her coworkers.
• When a coworker’s son passed away the department did not know what to do. Barb suggested that everybody bring in a book and they would be donated in his memory to an organization for disadvantaged youth.
• Barb’s pride and joy is her comfort cart. Each night she loads it up with drinks and snacks from the kitchen in addition to a cooler filled with ice for freshening water. She also takes puzzle and word books – many which she purchased herself. She takes the cart to each and every room, paying close attention to each patient’s restrictions. She even includes head phones and ear plugs to help with our quietness scores. This truly is an IPE effort as patients who are on the floor for multiple nights ring their call bells to see if Barb is coming around with the comfort cart. Barb truly loves doing this for the patients and they love seeing her.
Barb is a great example of our CARING Values. It is her compassion for patients and concern for coworkers that hold us all together so we can provide the Ideal Patient Experience."

Jacob Norman – 10 Ashman
Coworkers nominated Jacob
"Jacob Norman was caring for a 61-year old female who was actively dying from respiratory failure. As coworkers of Jake, we were able to witness Jake caring for his patient in such a way that he would make sure that she was comfortable and would pass away with dignity and respect. She was his patient for three trying night in a row. When Jake came on duty he immediately went to her room before seeing any of his other patients. He was outwardly worried and concerned about her and her family. The first two nights were spent trying to keep her comfortable by giving her pain medications as she struggled to breathe. Jake was also working with the patient and her family to find out exactly how far they wanted to take things. She was a new tracheotomy who was never going to get off the ventilator let alone survive this admission and Jake knew this. Jake showed outstanding compassion and care towards her and her family as they worked through the decision to keep her comfortable in her last few days. He exemplified the perfect model of what a caring nurse should be. He took care of her every need, even the most basic such as washing her face to make her feel better. At one point the patient reached up and hugged Jake as to say, “Thank you for everything”. To see him hug this patient touched our hearts. As a team we rallied around Jake to show him our support and let him know how proud we were of him. His eyes filled with tears as we comforted him. He worried over this patient for three days and always questioned if he was doing enough for her to make her comfortable in her last days. We want Jake to know he did everything he could. We were proud to witness the kind, gentle and caring touch that this young man provided for this patient in her last moments. He is the perfect example that we all strive for – Excellence. Every Patient. Every Time."

Gold Star Ad Jan 2015

Josh Haskins – 8 Ashman
A coworker nominated Josh.
"We have a patient who suffered a significant head injury that required a craniectomy to allow his brain to heal. He speaks little English and has no family in this country. Due to extenuating circumstances he has had a lengthy hospitalization. He has no visitors and he lost his cell phone so he has no way to speak to his family. His family is very poor and unable to travel here to be with him. He is a young man and the lengthy hospitalization along with no family to support him has resulted in the patient becoming very bored. One of our RNs, Josh Haskins showed great compassion for this patient. Josh got permission from the patient’s doctors to bring in his X-Box. On his day off, Josh sat for hours and played games with the patient. This put a huge smile on the patient’s face. He got great enjoyment playing the games. This is just one example of how Josh creates the ideal patient experience. We are all proud of him and applaud him for his efforts in taking the time to provide some enjoyment for a very lonely patient."

Annalee Biss – Crichton Center
A coworker nominated Annalee.
"We had a patient with limited family and support. The patient’s clothes were dirty and torn. Annalee took his clothes home and on her day off she laundered the clothing and mended all the tears. Annalee showed great compassion and respect for this patient. He was extremely appreciative and this helped boost his self esteem which contributed to his recovery. We want to thank Annalee for creating an ideal patient experience for this patient."

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