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Gold Star Winners
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Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center
Gold Star Winners

The Gold Star Program was created in 1999. Employees can be nominated for Gold Stars by patients, co-workers and physicians. We look for nominations that detail acts/behaviors that exceed the job expectations of the employee. 

Click here for Gold Star Nomination Form or call Service Excellence at (814) 534-3177 to nominate a Gold Star recipient.


CMMC Gold Star Nov 2014

Liza Maberry – Cardiac Diagnostics
A coworker nominated Liza
I was walking to our department and I noticed Liza pushing what appeared to be a patient in a wheelchair. I was surprised to see this and later found out what happened. She told me that she was returning from the Lee Campus and was coming through a Conemaugh parking lot when she saw this patient. He was bent over and appeared to be in severe pain. Liza stopped and told her that he was trying to get to the Emergency Room. Liza assessed the situation and told the patient to stay where he was and she went back to the hospital, got a wheelchair and took it to the parking lot. She put the patient in the wheelchair and escorted him to the Emergency Room. This was a very kind and compassionate gesture on the part of Liza. She saw his distress and took the time to assist him. Liza truly went out of her way to create the ideal experience for this patient.

Amber Fink – Primary Care Resource Center
A coworker nominated Amber
Amber recently was recognized by the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative in the PCRC newsletter for her innovative idea in helping patients with their medications. When Amber reflected on how commonplace it was that patients could not remember what all of their medicines were for, she came up with a unique solution: simple, laminated cards, hung on a binder ring – one card for each one of the patient’s medications, along with its purpose, dosages and common side effects. New medications can be added and discontinued medications removed. Amber said, “Patients are definitely using the cards. Many are taking them along to doctor appointments. Last night, a patient called to report a rash. She said that she first checked her cards to rule out a medication side effect.” Making that quick consultative telephone call is all the easier because, in addition to the medication information, the cards also include phone numbers for reaching the PCRC pharmacist and the care manager who saw the patient in the hospital. We want to recognize Amber for being innovative (one of our values) and at the same time, creating the ideal patient experience.

Deborah Barndt – Conemaugh Physician Group - Somerset Highlands Medical Center
A coworker nominated Deb
A patient was in the office and he told Deb that his father recently passed away. He said that his mother was distraught over the loss of her husband. Deb told the patient that she makes “Remembrance Quilts”. She told the patient if he could get some of his father’s cotton shirts, she would make a “Remembrance Quilt” for his mother. The patient told Deb that it took a few months for his Mom to part with her husband’s shirts, but he was able to get a few. It took Deb another few months to make the quilt but when it was done, she and her husband went to the woman’s home to deliver the quilt. They knocked on the door and the woman was reluctant at first to open the door. She finally did open the door and Deb explained who she was and what she had for her. The woman was overwhelmed and began to cry. She was deeply touched with the quilt and Deb’s very kind gesture. She tried to pay Deb for the quilt but Deb would not take any money. Deb’s payment is in knowing that for those mourning a loss of a loved one; the “Remembrance Quilt” will keep their memories alive. We would like to see Deb recognized for her CARING and compassion.

Jeannette Mack – Conemaugh Physician Group - Plastic Surgery 
A coworker nominated Jean
One of our patients dropped his wife off here at our office and then he went looking for a parking space. He was to come back to the office and meet his wife. To everybody’s alarm, the patient’s husband never came back. The wife was worried so Jenn went outside and starting walking around the area blocks looking for this gentleman. After searching relentlessly, Jenn returned because she was unable to locate him. Jenn then got more information and called the patient’s son and alerted him of the situation. Jenn comforted the patient and tried to keep her calm until her son arrived at the office. He took his mother home. Jenn followed up and called their home later to check on the patient. They told her that the gentleman had become confused, got lost and was unable to find his way back to the office. He was now located and safe. Jenn is a very kind and thoughtful person and she helped create the ideal patient experience by stepping in to help find this lost gentleman. She showed compassion and respect for the patient by keeping her calm through the ordeal. Thank you Jenn!

Gold Star Sept 2014

Elena (Lena) Sheesley – Food & Nutrition
Employees nominated Elena.
We would like to nominate Elena Sheesley, Dietary Associate for a Gold Star. Elena works at the Good Sam Coffee Cart. To say she “works” there is an understatement. Elena has made the Coffee Cart her own. She embodies our CARING values in many ways, but especially INNOVATION. With Elena’s persistence, what started as a place to simply get a cup of coffee and perhaps a packaged muffin has turned into a place for hot sandwiches and oatmeal for breakfast to salads, sandwiches, and hot soup for lunch. She listens to the voice of her customers and takes great pride in providing them with specials such as a taco salad bar, summer picnic fare and a sundae bar, as well as implementing a portable credit card reader since fewer people carry cash. She is always looking for ways to improve service, hours of operation and the food selections offered. Elena always greats you with a smile upon entering the building each morning and is quick to let you know about the lunch special and soup of the day. She has turned the Coffee Cart space into a little bistro with seating and even a chalk board sign that lists the soup of the day as well as the daily special. Recently, an outside group from Pittsburgh that works regularly with the PCRC commented that they no longer stop on the way in for coffee; rather they wait to see Elena! They look forward to her friendly greeting and delicious treats. Elena goes out of her way to assist patients and their families with special requests, way-finding and sometimes just lending a sympathetic ear. Employees and visitors alike, look forward to visiting the Cart. In particular the residents of the Valley Pike Manor think the world of Elena and often visit to have breakfast or lunch. The GS Coffee Cart, thanks to Elena, is a profitable, thriving part of the Conemaugh Health System. We think Elena is a terrific example of our CARING Values, offering and Ideal Experience and very deserving of a Gold Star!

Lenora Glass – TCU
An employee nominated Lenora.
We had a patient admitted on the west side of TCU. The patient was 90 years old and had dementia. She was crying because she thought she was being taken home so when she arrived at the TCU she was confused and upset. The patient was saddened and tearful because she said she missed her puppy. Lenora was so caring with the patient and was able to calm her down. She promised the patient that she would come back later and bring her puppy to meet the patient. Despite having to work overtime that day, when Lenora clocked out she kept her promise. She went home and got her own puppy and came back to visit the patient. Lenora followed proper procedures, completing the paperwork to take the puppy on the unit. Lenora and her puppy brought so much cheer and happiness to the patient who was frightened and confused. Lenora truly cares about all of her patients and this act was above and beyond. She is a wonderful nurse and her kindness and compassion created the ideal patient experience. Thank you Lenora!

Franco Sanna – Security
An employee nominated Franco.
Officer Franco Sanna observed a young boy exit the ER entrance with an adult woman running after him. The young boy seemed to be agitated and extremely upset. The adult woman was trying to calm him down. Officer Sanna responded to the scene. He was informed by the woman that the boy was her 7 year old son and he was severely autistic and needed to be evaluated in the ER. While Officer Sanna spoke to her, the boy continued to yell and cry. Officer Sanna very calmly started talking to the boy. He noticed that the boy was holding some “Thomas the Train” toys. Officer Sanna asked him about the toys and asked if he knew the names of the engines. Gradually, the boy started to calm down. When his mother informed him he was going to go back into the hospital, he started getting upset again. Officer Sanna kept talking the boy, trying to keep him calm. He asked him if he would like a drink from the vending machine and he nodded his head “yes”. Without any physical interaction he followed officer Sanna back into the hospital. While walking back, Officer Sanna kept him engaged by talking to him. He asked him if he ever saw the hospital helicopter take off or land from the roof. Officer Sanna took him to the ER waiting area vending machines. His mother bought him an orange soda and Officer Sanna bought him some peanut butter and chocolate snack cakes. The mother noted which cubicle they were in before her son ran out of the building. Officer Sanna escorted them back and asked the boy what his favorite TV show was. He told Officer Sanna that it was “Sponge Bob”. Officer Sanna was unable to find “Sponge Bob” on the TV but he found a suitable show to keep the boy occupied. At that point he felt comfortable leaving the mother and boy. The mother expressed her sincere gratitude for Officer Sanna’s patience and help in resolving the situation in such a compassionate way. Officer Sanna, in a non-clinical role, certainly provided the ideal patient experience to this family. With his calming presence and willingness to go above and beyond, he met the patient’s CTQs. We think he deserves a Gold Star for his actions.


Gold Star May 2014 AD

Brandon Ferre – E6
The friend of a patient nominated Brandon.
I recently was at the hospital visiting my future mother-in-law. She was very worried about her stay in the hospital because of all her health concerns. This may seem off topic but I’m a new employee and just attended the Ideal Patient Experience Class. As a new employee I had no idea what to expect in the class. Having taken the class and seeing the way Brandon Ferre treated my future mother-in-law, I understand more about the Ideal Patient Experience. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Brandon. I want to thank him for going in search of a set of headphones for my dear mother-in-law to be and searching for a chair for this visitor because she decided to wear 3-inch heels that day! You went the extra mile for the patient and our entire family. You have made a huge impact on her stay at the hospital. She constantly speaks of you, “That Brandon, he was so nice to come in and check on me. He was so nice and considerate. He always made me feel more comfortable.” If you knew this patient you’d know she loves to talk and the thing she is talking about after her stay is Brandon. Brandon made her visit more comfortable, he supplied her with basic comfort needs and gave her a sense of security and definitely went the extra mile. I’m sure Brandon might think that he is “just doing his job” but our family wants to tell you that it was a fabulous job. Brandon made a difference in her stay at the hospital. Brandon represented our hospital the way it should be represented, “Excellence. Every Patient. Every Time.” Thank you Brandon. Keep up the good work. You’ll make a fine RN so keep studying and working hard! 

Ron Flowers – ICU
A patient’s family member nominated Ron.
As a member of the Trauma team I received a call I never wanted to get. A close member of my family, my uncle, had fallen from a ladder and was found unresponsive. His daughter, also an employee here at Conemaugh, called me with the news. When he arrived, the trauma team started doing what they do and that is the reason that after twelve years I’m still here and very proud to be a part of this team. After reviewing the CT scan we saw the severity of his injuries. My uncle was taken to ICU and that is where my family met Ron Flowers, an RN in ICU. I knew Ron for many years as he worked on another trauma floor prior to transferring to the ICU, but I never saw him like this. The care and compassion he showed for my uncle as he was going to pass was genuine and unforgettable. Ron was considerate of my aunt and cousin’s feelings. He went above and beyond in caring for the whole family. He made sure that he placed an angel wings pin on my uncle’s gown before he passed and we then placed that same pin on my uncle’s suit coat to help in his journey to heaven. Ron was also providing comfort measures to my uncle by suctioning his airway and administering medications for his peace. We never had to ask for anything. He did all of this in such a calm manner as well. One of the most special things Ron did was to make an imprint of my uncle’s hand and placed it on a poem that still brings peace to my aunt. It will be an everlasting part of him for her and the family to have. I have no doubt that Ron is doing his life’s work and is truly where he should be. Even though my uncle was pronounced shortly after his arrival to the ICU, in that short time, Ron had left a last “imprint” on my family. I am writing this to the rest of the Conemaugh family so you know how lucky we are to have people like Ron.

Tammy Gordon – MS7
A coworker nominated Tammy.
I believe Tammy is deserving of a Gold Star as she consistently receives many positive comments from patients, coworkers, volunteers and her coworkers.
- I was a patient on MS7 and I would like to recognize Tammy Gordon in particular for keeping my family up to date on my progress. This helped them so they didn’t worry. She went above and beyond for all her patients, not just me.
- Tammy Gordon was AWESOME! She made my husband and me very happy with the care she provided.
- I want to say for being so compassionate in your thoughts and care of my husband. I’m eternally grateful for your watchfulness and quick response during his crisis. 
- Tammy is always one of the first RN’s to respond to a call bell. No matter how challenging her day, she always has a smile for her patients, coworkers and for me. She is always willing to work additional hours to support patient care and staffing needs. Tammy is an outstanding employee!

Denise Kaupta – 9 Ashman
A coworker nominated Denise
Recently a patient was being discharged from 9 Ashman. The patient had to rely on finding a ride home and then Denise heard her say she was worried about how she would get to the pharmacy to pick up her prescriptions. Denise found out what pharmacy and after work that day, Denise stopped at the patient’s pharmacy to pick up her prescription. The pharmacy told Denise that due to insurance problems, they would be unable to fill the prescription until the next day. The next day was Denise’s day off but regardless, she drove back to the patient’s pharmacy to get her medications. Denise then delivered them to the patient. She went above and beyond expectations. She showed great compassion to this patient and her situation. She truly exemplifies what it means to always put the patient first.

Sharon Kaseler – 9 Ashman
A coworker nominated Sharon.
Sharon is the program manager for Joint Adventures. She recently was facilitating an educational program to a group and a sweet, elderly woman in the group asked Sharon if she had any information on total knee replacement. Sharon told her she had information. The woman then told Sharon that she was going to try and do a talk on total knees at her church. Sharon pressed her further and found out that the woman was going to speak to 40 people! Sharon then offered her services and prepared a presentation for the group at the church. Sharon committed to do this even though the presentation was scheduled on Sharon’s day off. Sharon’s commitment to our CARING Values is clearly evident in her efforts to help this church group. We are so fortunate to have her as part of our Joint Adventure Team.

Ethan Sturey – 8 Ashman
A co-worker nominated Ethan.
I was making patient rounds and a patient expressed that her experience here was wonderful due to the care that she received from Ethan Sturey. In the past this patient worked as a nursing assistant. Over the years she has always refused to let male nurses care for her. She always had a preconceived thought that male nurses were not caring or compassionate. On this visit, Ethan cared for her two days in a row. She told me that she has now changed her mind about letting male nurses care for her. In her words, “he was so thoughtful, attentive and made me feel like I was his only patient”. She went on to say, “He checked on me frequently, had a gentle touch and a very caring manner. He even stopped into dialysis when his shift was over to say goodbye. I felt like a queen. My stay could not have been any better because of him.” We think Ethan is well deserving of a Gold Star for taking the time to meet this patients needs and create the ideal patient experience.

 Gold Star Ad March 2014

Pam Weyand – 8 Ashman
An employee nominated Jessica.
One of our patients had been here for over 30 days. This patient was mentally challenged and had no family. He had resided at Helping Hands Mission in Portage for the past 15 years. He suffered a fall and developed many other medical problems during his stay here at MMC. His discharge process was very complicated and that is why he was here for an extended stay. One of the staff members at Helping Hands Mission brought him his favorite blanket so he could have it while he was a patient at MMC. The blanket made the patient feel safe and secure. He used the blanket on his bed and wrapped around him when he got out of bed. He always had this blanket with him in some way or another. During his stay here at the hospital, the blanket got soiled. One day after working a full shift, Pam took the blanket to the Laundromat so she could launder the blanket for the patient. Pam sat at the Laundromat while the blanket washed and dried and when it was done, Pam drove back to the hospital to deliver it to the patient. Pam knew his attachment to the blanket and did not want him to go a day without it. This kind of action is typical of Pam. She shows great compassion and caring to her patients every day. This is just one of the many acts of kindness she has displayed in her six months or so of employment at MMC. She consistently exemplifies the CARING Values and does everything she can to create the ideal patient experience. She is a great employee who embraces her role.

Carol Collins – Home Health Meyersdale
An employee nominated Carol.
We want to nominate Carol for a gold star as she provided many acts of kindness to one of our elderly, lonely patients. The patient confided in Carol that he was lonely and had very little support. He told Carol that on special occasions he missed certain meals because he was too sick to cook anymore. He told Carol he was hungry for a turkey dinner. Carol surprised the patient by cooking him a turkey dinner and delivering it to him. On another occasion the patient’s birthday was coming up. He told Carol that he never had a birthday cake. Carol again surprised the patient with a cake and some presents. Carol’s coworkers even got into the surprise and also sent cards and small gifts for the patient. Carol found out that the patient had financial limitations and there was a possibility he wouldn’t make it through the winter with his heating oil. Carol investigated and found a community agency that could provide private funding to the patient but in the meantime she purchased some heating oil for the patient with her own money. She wanted to make sure he would be taken care of. The patient spoke to a coworker from home health and told her that he was so appreciative of everything Carol has done for him. He said he was overwhelmed by Carol’s many acts of kindness. He said nobody could have been any more compassionate to him.

Judy Dembowski – 6 Ashman
A patient’s family nominated Judy.
I want to make you aware of the wonderful care my mother received while a patient on 6 Ashman. Although a number of wonderful people cared for my Mom, Judy was one of her day nurses so we saw more of her. She kept us updated on everything and explained her condition to the very last detail. We were truly impressed with her and felt very comfortable knowing our Mom was in her capable hands. We trusted her completely and will be forever grateful to her. Your unit is blessed to have her and so are the families of the patient’s she cares for. Any conversation the family had regarding my Mom’s condition started with, “Nurse Judy said . . . “. We wish she could have cared for Mom 24 hours. The expert care that your team provided made it possible for us to hold on to our Mom for a few more days, which is what we all prayed for.

Melissa Ramirez – 10 Ashman
A co-worker nominated Melissa.
10 Ashman had a Sunshine Committee that was stagnant. Nobody was committed to donate their personal time to chair the committee. This committee is a committee that can do nice things for staff. The staff work hard and this is one way to recognize them for their efforts. Melissa volunteered to bring the committee back to life. Since her involvement with the committee she has helped to increase morale and teamwork by ten folds on 10 Ashman. Recently she spear headed ordering scrub shirts with the recent recognition of 10 Ashman becoming an official Medical/Pulmonary step down unit. They look very professional and staff is proud to wear the shirts. She also does many nice things for staff such as offering her home for the Holiday Christmas party and she also used a gift certificate that she won to cater food for the party. Every year at Christmas we give money to a local charity. This year we knew that some of our own were going through hardships and we decided to help our own staff. Melissa and her daughter were going to purchase gift cards for distribution to those in need. She found out that there wasn’t much money in the fund so she put a substantial amount of her own money in the fund to make sure there were enough gift cards for staff. Melissa’s generosity and commitment has made staff very happy. 10 Ashman has become an extraordinary team and most of all family. Thanks Melissa for paying it forward.

Gold Star Ad Feb 2014

Richard Shinholt, Security
An employee nominated Richard.
A patient on 7 Ashman was being discharged. When her husband went to get his car for her discharge, he realized the car was missing. After a call to Security, it was determined that the patient parked at Franklin Pediatrics and his car was towed. Richard Shinholt made a telephone call to the garage where he suspected the car may have been towed. Richard then drove the patient and her husband, in a Security Vehicle, to the garage so they could reclaim their car. The patient’s husband, however, was in a dilemma because he did not have the money to pay the fee to release the vehicle. Putting our patient’s needs first, Richard pulled out his personal credit card and told the garage to charge the amount to him. The patient called 7 Ashman to praise Richard for his kindness and compassion. She said they didn’t know Richard and it was not only generous but extremely kind of Richard to do this for them. She said her and her husband were so impressed and asked that we recognize Richard for his kind act.

Ruthann Palm, Radiology
An employee and the family of the patient nominated Ruthann. This is Ruthann’s third Gold Star!
Ruthann was leaving the Main Campus to finish her shift at the Lee Campus. While she was driving under the P5 Pavilion she saw that a woman had fallen from the sidewalk onto the roadway. She apparently hit her head off of the pavement. Ruthann pulled her car aside and rushed to the woman’s aid. The woman was bleeding profusely from the wound in her head. Ruthann had a clean towel in her car and she used to apply pressure to the wound. Ruthann stayed with the woman, who was quite shaken, until emergency personnel could help her. The patient’s family wrote that they believe Ruthann went above and beyond. They said it would have been easy for Ruthann to keep driving past the fallen woman but instead she stopped and got involved. They said you don’t always see Good Samaritans in this day and they were very grateful and appreciative that Ruthann helped their mother.

Christine Schreyer, 8 Ashman
An employee nominated Christine.
A patient needed transferred to Pittsburgh for vascular issues. The patient needed to be monitored by an RN due to a critical drip. After much planning, obtaining a bed in a Pittsburgh hospital and arranging transport, there was nobody available to go with the patient. Upon hearing this, Chris volunteered her time to monitor the patient on the trip to Pittsburgh. Chris had already worked a full day. This trip took place at 1 a.m. Chris did not have to volunteer for this job. Chris made sure the patient’s needs came first. Had Chris not done this, the patient’s transport would have been greatly delayed. This was a great act of compassion for the patient. This act truly exemplifies our CARING Values. She was compassionate and put the patient first. She respected the need for a timely transport. She didn’t make any excuses and she certainly did this with a great attitude! 

Jessica Goodwin, 8 Ashman
An employee nominated Jessica.
A patient was admitted to 8 Ashman after spending a few days in critical care. The patient’s illness required mechanical ventilation and a subsequent tracheotomy insertion along with many other critical illnesses that were complicating her stay. Attempts to wean her from the ventilator were not going very well. The patient was very anxious during the attempts to wean. Jessica was this patient’s nurse for a few days in a row. The patient told Jessica that she was bored. She lived in Meyersdale and her husband had vision problems and had to leave the hospital every day before dark in order to drive home. In an effort to lift the spirits of the patient, Jessica called her Mom and asked for a favor. Jessica had her Mom stop at the hospital. Jessica gave her money and sent her to the store to buy the patient a CD player and some music CDs. The patient was hospitalized for 30 days but the small gift of the CD player and CDs helped the patient through her boredom and brought some happiness to her during her stay. Jessica was very empathetic to the patient’s situation and she showed great kindness by being attentive to the patient’s emotional needs. We want to thank Jessica for all she did.

Pam Weyand, 8 Ashman
An employee nominated Jessica.
One of our patients had been here for over 30 days. This patient was mentally challenged and had no family. He had resided at Helping Hands Mission in Portage for the past 15 years. He suffered a fall and developed many other medical problems during his stay here at MMC. His discharge process was very complicated and that is why he was here for an extended stay. One of the staff members at Helping Hands Mission brought him his favorite blanket so he could have it while he was a patient at MMC. The blanket made the patient feel safe and secure. He used the blanket on his bed and wrapped around him when he got out of bed. He always had this blanket with him in some way or another. During his stay here at the hospital, the blanket got soiled. One day after working a full shift, Pam took the blanket to the Laundromat so she could launder the blanket for the patient. Pam sat at the Laundromat while the blanket washed and dried and when it was done, Pam drove back to the hospital to deliver it to the patient. Pam knew his attachment to the blanket and did not want him to go a day without it. This kind of action is typical of Pam. She shows great compassion and caring to her patients every day. This is just one of the many acts of kindness she has displayed in her six months or so of employment at MMC. She consistently exemplifies the CARING Values and does everything she can to create the ideal patient experience. She is a great employee who embraces her role. 

Charlene Goldberg, PACU
A patient’s Mother nominated Charlene.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe God sent you to me, like my guardian angel here on earth to comfort me. It seemed every time I just needed someone – there you were to offer a hug, kind words, prayers and even food. I appreciate it so much. You were so caring. You didn’t have to stop. You could have passed me by like so many others. You didn’t have to call me to check on me and my son. You didn’t have to bring pizza for my family and hug me, but you did. You are truly an amazing person and I am sure a wonderful nurse and I feel blessed just by knowing you. I am a mother of five. Cody was my baby and he still lived at home. He always joked that he was never leaving because no one could take care of him like I did. My heart is completely broken and there are always tears in my eyes. I know that God must have a plan for taking Cody from us. The only thing that helps me is knowing that someone like you made this difficult time easier for me. I appreciate all of your kindness more than you know and I am completely grateful for all you have done. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. You are truly one of a kind.

Leann Cruse, 7 Ashman
An employee nominated Leann.
I would like to nominate Leann Cruse for a Gold Star. Leann’s caring spirit and behavior exemplify our vision and CARING Values. There are so many reasons to nominate Leann. Here are only a few reasons why we feel she deserves a Gold Star:

  • Often patients leave personal items or even medical supplies behind after discharge. Leann will drive to the patient homes to deliver these items. Many times these patients are elderly or do not drive. They are so appreciative that she goes out of her way to help them out.
  • Leann does a great job communicating with our patients and their families. She makes sure that she asks them about every aspect of their care including understanding medication instructions, how staff is treating them and even how they like the food. One patient was elderly and couldn’t read. Leann took extra time to read all the meal options to her and called down her meals.
  • One time a family was here because their son was admitted with an overdose of street drugs. The parents were extremely distraught. She got the parents something to drink and sat with them and explained that their son was in good hands and that we would take care of him and if they had any questions, at any hour, they could contact her. The mother broke down in tears and thanked Leann for her kindness.
  • Leann’s philosophy is that no matter how many days you’ve worked or how difficult the patient may be, there are no excuses for not delivering the best care possible to your patient. Leann has a great smile and is kind to everyone. Her patients and the patient families love her. Leann realizes that you don’t just heal patients physically, but emotionally too. She takes the time to have personal conversations about television shows and many other things. This takes the patient’s mind off of their illness and it brings a little joy.
  • Leann is also wonderful to her coworkers. A fellow coworker found out that the baby she was carrying was going to have some health problems. Leann organized a sub, pizza and bake sale and a basket party in order to raise funds for her and her husband to help off-set expenses while they stayed in Pittsburgh.

There are so many more examples but needless to say, Leann makes sure that she creates the “ideal patient experience” for every patient and every family member that comes through our department.

Giancarlo Levrio, PT
An employee nominated Giancarlo.
We would like to nominate Giancarlo for a Gold Star. Giancarlo was assigned to 8 Ashman. He does an excellent job meeting the needs of his patients by always putting them first. He has a great rapport with the patients and coworkers. A few recent examples of his acts of kindness include:

  • He recently assisted an employee on 8 Ashman find a place to live. This person has had some recent health problems and she is recovering from cancer treatments. The employee was left having difficulty with every day ambulation and increased fatigue. The employee was looking for new housing without stairs to make it easier to get around. On his own time Giancarlo offered to drive her around and assist her in finding a new place to live. This employee comes to me almost daily to tell me how much his wonderful his acts of kindness mean to her and she is so appreciative. When she talks about it to me, she gets tears in her eyes.
  • Recently a patient was admitted to 8 Ashman with a gangrenous foot that required amputation. The man was elderly and living in deplorable conditions. He could no longer care for himself and had to be admitted to a skilled facility. He didn’t want to be admitted because he said he had no money and no clothing. Giancarlo got some clothing from a family member and after work hours, he went to the nursing facility, on the day the patient was discharged from here, and took the clothing items to him.
  • On Christmas morning, Giancarlo came to 8 Ashman and 8 Rose dressed as Santa Claus. With his own money, Giancarlo bought small gifts. He visited the patients on 8th floor and distributed the gifts to them. This was such a surprise for our patients who were here on Christmas day. How unselfish for Giancarlo to give up his personal time on Christmas day.

Giancarlo consistently embraces the “Ideal Patient Experience” concept. He is a perfect example of an employee who does his job for the personal rewards! 

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