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Gold Star Winners
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Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center
Gold Star Winners

The Gold Star Program was created in 1999. Employees can be nominated for Gold Stars by patients, co-workers and physicians. We look for nominations that detail acts/behaviors that exceed the job expectations of the employee. 

Click here for Gold Star Nomination Form or call Service Excellence at (814) 534-3177 to nominate a Gold Star recipient.


Gold Star Ad Jan 2015

Josh Haskins – 8 Ashman
A coworker nominated Josh.
"We have a patient who suffered a significant head injury that required a craniectomy to allow his brain to heal. He speaks little English and has no family in this country. Due to extenuating circumstances he has had a lengthy hospitalization. He has no visitors and he lost his cell phone so he has no way to speak to his family. His family is very poor and unable to travel here to be with him. He is a young man and the lengthy hospitalization along with no family to support him has resulted in the patient becoming very bored. One of our RNs, Josh Haskins showed great compassion for this patient. Josh got permission from the patient’s doctors to bring in his X-Box. On his day off, Josh sat for hours and played games with the patient. This put a huge smile on the patient’s face. He got great enjoyment playing the games. This is just one example of how Josh creates the ideal patient experience. We are all proud of him and applaud him for his efforts in taking the time to provide some enjoyment for a very lonely patient."

Annalee Biss – Crichton Center
A coworker nominated Annalee.
"We had a patient with limited family and support. The patient’s clothes were dirty and torn. Annalee took his clothes home and on her day off she laundered the clothing and mended all the tears. Annalee showed great compassion and respect for this patient. He was extremely appreciative and this helped boost his self esteem which contributed to his recovery. We want to thank Annalee for creating an ideal patient experience for this patient."

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