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Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
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The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center is the only center between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg that allows neuroscience specialists to watch seizures as they happen – the gold standard when it comes to epilepsy treatment. 

By combining electroencephalogram (EEG) technology with round-the-clock observation, our neuroscience team closely monitors every patient to determine the conditions that lead up to and trigger seizures.

On average, it takes three to five days for the Epilepsy team to obtain and evaluate appropriate seizure activity.  Family members are encouraged to remain with their loved ones to provide comfort and support during their stay. Family perspectives also help doctors determine if activities that occur during the Monitoring Unit stay accurately reflect what happens at home. Based on these observations and findings, the team will work with the patient’s family doctor to develop a comprehensive care plan.                                      

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