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Pre-Surgical Testing
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Once a diagnosis has been confirmed, patients may be asked to complete additional tests that can help surgeons create a “roadmap” of the brain. These can include:

  • WADA Testing
    Also known as an intracartoid sodium amobarital procedure, a WADA test may be performed before surgery to help the team determine how close the problem area is to the brain’s speech or memory centers. This critical pre-surgery information helps ensure that surgeons zero in on affected areas and leave other essential areas of the brain untouched.

  • Balloon Occlusion Testing
    Some patients may also be candidates for a balloon occlusion test. This test is usually combined with brain imaging to help measure the amount of blood flowing to the brain. In about 30 minutes, the neurosurgery team can see if one or more of the four main arteries in the brain can be temporarily or permanently blocked without affecting blood levels.  Results from this brief procedure helps to determine the best course of treatment.

To make sure patients receive appropriate and effective levels of care before, during and after surgery, the team holds a monthly Brain Tumor Board to review the progress of each patient and determine next steps.  This open and formal line of communication involves every member of a patient’s care team, providing a coordinated and comprehensive approach to brain tumor treatment. 

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