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Joint AdVentures Overview
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Information and education is the heart of Joint AdVentures. We work with you and your "coach" (spouse, family member, caregiver, trusted friend) every step of the way, from helping to determine if you are a candidate for surgery to one-on-one rehabilitation throughout your recovery. Through Joint AdVentures, you and your coach become actively involved in your care and know what to expect from the procedure from start to finish.

As a "member" of Joint AdVentures, you receive:

  • A detailed guidebook that outlines the joint replacement surgical process, beginning six weeks before surgery and continuing for up to a year after the procedure is performed
  • An invitation to participate in Step into Joint AdVentures, an effective pre-op program that has shown to decrease the time spent in the hospital and speed the recovery process
  • Pre-op and post-surgical nursing care on our dedicated joint replacement surgery unit, a part of our orthopedic floor
  • The freedom to dress in your own clothes as soon as you're up and around for the duration of your hospital stay
  • Hip Tips and Knee Knotes, daily newsletters distributed during breakfast that let you know about the day's activities
  • Physical therapy, conducted in a group setting with your Step into Joint AdVentures classmates
  • Unusual but results-driven physical and occupational therapy sessions, including golf putting sessions on the joint replacement surgery unit
  • Group lunches with your classmates and coaches
  • Personal discharge planning services, with input from our physical and occupational therapists, dietitians, social service representatives and Conemaugh Home Health nurses
  • An easy-to-use homework kit, including videos that detail recommended exercise routines and wound care

The bottom line: we want to make sure that you understand and are comfortable with all aspects of your joint replacement experience. By knowing what to expect, you'll find that the process - and the recovery -- is much easier than you ever imagined.

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