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Dr. Russell Dumire MD, FACS
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Dr. Russell Dumire MD, FACS

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Specialty: Critical Care - Surgical and Surgery - Trauma and General

Dr. Dumire serves as Program Director of the General Surgery Residency Program. He brings nearly 15 years of experience to the Trauma Surgery/Surgical Critical Care team at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center. A member of the United States Air Force, Dr. Dumire served as Chief of the Surgical Disaster Team and Chief of General Surgery at Altus Air Force Base, and Staff General Surgeon and Medical Director of the Special Care Unit at Luke Air Force Base before joining MMC’s surgical trauma team. Dr. Dumire is a published author and former associate professor at Baylor University and the University of Health Sciences. He is board certified in surgery and surgical critical care. 

Research and Publications

Morrissey S, Dumire R, Bost J, & Gregory JS. (2011). Feasibility of and barriers to continuity of care in US general surgery residencies with an 80-hour duty week. Am J Surg. 201(3): 310-314. View Article

Price T, Causer TP, Balon JA, Helling TS, & Dumire RD. (2010). Pilot Study of Respiratory Therapy Student Education Using an Advanced Human Patient Simulator for Critical Patient Management Scenarios. Respiratory Care Education Annual. 19: 63-71. View Article