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Conemaugh Counseling Associates
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Conemaugh Counseling Associates provides an array of services, including psychological, psychiatric, and cognitive behavior therapy, and family and marital counseling. The team also provides evaluation and manages medication.

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, Lee Campus
2nd Floor, Walnut Wing
320 Main Street
Johnstown, PA 15901

Phone: (814) 534-1095

Intensive Outpatient Program
The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to serve adults age 18 and older who need more frequent and comprehensive therapy than traditional outpatient therapy can provide. The Program is also appropriate for individuals who are ready for discharge from inpatient hospitalization but who require structured, intensive therapy to ease the transition from the hospital to home. Our confidential treatment entails a combination of group, individual, and family/couples interventions and medication management. Treatment is provided by a professional team of Licensed Clinical Social Workers under the direction of a Board Certified Psychiatrist. Employee Assistance Programs, available to employees of various companies and organizations, are also available.

Adolescent Groups
Group psychotherapy is available for adolescents with mood disorder, low self esteem, interpersonal relationship problems, and inadequate social skills. The ultimate purpose of the group is to increase self-awareness, facilitate better self-understanding and improve self-control through the development of appropriate cognitive and behavioral skills. The group facilitators are Dr. Aileen Oandasan and Teddie Pappas, LCSW.

Women Groups
Women's Issues Group provides group therapy for women dealing with Depression, as well as anxiety. It primarily focuses on relationship issues, domestic abuse, grief, loss, and addiction/codepency. It is a process group, eclectic in nature, with focus on empowering women. This group is only limited to 8 women in which candidates typically begin in individual therapy sessions and then graduate to the group experience which makes them eligible to join group sessions. Women may also take advantage of individual appointments but are encouraged to utilize the group as a primary therapeutic setting.