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The nature of clinical research integrates various missions of the Conemaugh Health System – education, research and patient care. The Research Program within the Conemaugh Health System is dedicated to supporting the research efforts of the medical staff, residents and students while ensuring compliance with all applicable ethical, legal and regulatory standards. The availability of sophisticated centralized resources offers Conemaugh investigators an exceptional research advantage. Through this structure and the mentorship of many teaching faculty, research will become an important component of resident education and lifelong learning. 

Each resident is required to develop and carry out a project of his or her choice. These projects are designed to strengthen residents’ analytical skills and can provide them with experience in the development and implementation of either a research or healthcare improvement project. Past research projects have included the development of a medication information website and a study on sliding scale regular versus ultra-rapid acting insulin and glycemic control in hospitalized patients.

Faculty Research

Dr. Gonzalez
Kotla S, Makhoul S, & Gonzalez L. (2012). Pseudohyperkalemia From a Pneumatic Tube Transport System: Case Report and Literature Review. Hospital Pharmacy. 47(5): 371-374. View Article

Dr. Thomas
Balon J & Thomas SA. (2011). Comparison of Hospital Admission Medication Lists With Primary Care Physician and Outpatient Pharmacy Lists. J Nurs Scholarsh. 43(3): 292-300. View Article

Dr. Gaines
Gaines SL, Giroux K, Thomas S, & Gregory JS. (2012). Real world efficacy of alvimopan on elective bowel resection patients: an analysis of statistical versus clinical significance. Am J Surg. 203(3): 308-311. View Article

Contact the Office Of Research Administration

Stephanie Gonzalez, MS, CCRC
(814) 534-1135

Thomas Simunich, MS, MBA - Research Associate
(814) 534-1137

Mary Thomas, MT(ASCP), CCRC - Research Study Coordinator
(814) 534-3610