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Third Year Family Medicine Residents
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Rhea Balitbit-Lozada, MD

Dr. Balitbit-Lozada, a Philippines native, came to Memorial Medical Center focused on the pursuit of family medicine. Dr. Balitbit-Lozada selected Memorial Medical Center because of the perseverance in medical excellence and constant improvements. She comments, “I like how approachable the faculty and staff are, always willing to divulge their knowledge onto their residents”. Memorial Medical Center has the family-friend community in which it takes to grow the finest doctors.


Lisa Cadwell, MD

Dr. Cadwell is a graduate from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico. Initial attraction to Medical Memorial Center was the emphasis on rural training. Once she got here the close relationships of the residents and the professional interaction between residents and faculty excited this Colstrip, Montana native.Cambria County has every amenity for Dr. Cadwell's hobbies which include sailing, golfing, hiking and gardening.

Maria Gauna, MD

After Dr.Gauna finished her post-graduate internship and her dermatology residency in her home country the Philippines, her love of travel, culture and nature brought her to Memorial Medical Center. She appreciates the diversity of the surrounding community and the security of her children.

Emelyn Molato, MD

The strong emphasis on evidence-based and practice-based clinical teaching, backed up with the state of the art facilities that MMC protrudes, had captured Dr. Molato eye, along with the natural beauty and safe setting in which Conemaugh is located. The strong camaraderie, morality and collaboration between residents, attendants and ancillary staff are what made Dr. Molato stay after her first interview.

Bernard Leech, DO

Dr. Leech, a Johnstown native, returned to the area from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, which he attended after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Westminster College. His family ties to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center left no question about which hospital to work for. “The fact that I grew up in Johnstown just makes it that much more special to me”.

Christine Lesosky, DO

A native of Johnstown and graduate of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Lesosky is glad to be back in her hometown. "I've always wanted the opportunity to help the people in my community and train at a top-quality program," she said. "This is the best of both worlds." She received the 2008 Student Leadership Award from LECOM and recently completed her AOA internship at MMC. Becoming a part of Memorial's General Family Medicine program, which has long impressed her for its quality and extensive learning opportunities, was the next step in her career. "I've been lucky enough to work with physicians in this community, and I'm very excited to continuing my learning with their help and mentoring."

Peter McCarthy, DO

Dr. McCarthy attended Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. Cambria County with its perfect mix of urban and rural atmosphere is a perfect place to pursue his favorite hobbies; fishing, bicycling and kayaking.

Sammya Shahla, MD

Dr. Shahla attended medical school at Homs University and Ophthalmology at Aleppo University Hospital in her home country of Syria. Dr. Shahla came to MMC for the dedicated and experienced faculty, with their enriched teaching environments. The state of the art facilities provide Dr. Shahla the capabilities for her to reach her professional and personal goals.