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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Conemaugh Nason Medical Center is committed to providing quality care to all patients and to make visits as pleasant as possible. Conemaugh's concern and respect for each patient is addressed in the Statement of Patient's Rights.

Patients have the right:

  • To respectful care given by skilled staff
  • To receive care regardless of age, AIDS or HIV, status, ancestry, color, disability, education, gender identity, income, language, marital status, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, union membership, or who will pay patient bill
  • To treatment of symptoms that may be associated with illness
  • To expect prompt repsonse to report of pain
  • To know the names and duities of all health care team members providing care
  • To expect privacy and confidentiatlity with regard to care
  • To have all health records kept private and not be given out unless patient gives consent, or the law states, or there is a third party agreement
  • To know what rules apply to the conduct as a patient
  • To expect emergency treatment without delay
  • To quality care and high professional standards that are always kept and reviewed
  • To be fulled informed, in language patient can understand, of health status including current medical condition
  • Before any procedure (except an emergency), physician must obtain informed consent (permission) from patient or from someone who can legally give consent. This means physician will explain the treatments. Patient willl be asked to sign a consent form to confirm the physician has provided this information
  • To have spirtual needs addressed