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Conemaugh Health System
Gold Star Winners

Conemaugh Health System recognizes clinical and non-clinical staff for outstanding commitment to those for whom we care. Every day our patients and their loved ones inspire us to new heights of hospitality, and these employees go above and beyond for those individuals. 

November 2017 Recipient

Jason Golias – Case Management
A coworker nominated Jason

"Jason is an RN Case Manager and works predominantly on 6 Ashman and 6 Rose. When Jason was doing rounds he noticed a patient’s family who came in from North Carolina and was sleeping in the waiting room. The patient was a trauma patient involved in a motor vehicle accident. Jason asked the family why they weren’t staying in a hotel. They confided that money was an issue. It was expensive to stay in a hotel and they didn’t know how long they may be here.  Jason immediately empathized with this family and decided that he would try to do something to find proper housing for them while they were here with their critically injured love one. Jason called an acquaintance from when he purchased a house. He told them he was looking for short-term housing for a trauma family. Through his connections Jason was able to find the family a furnished two-bedroom apartment for the weeks they were here. The cost was a fraction of what it would have cost for a hotel. This apartment allowed them the opportunity to be together as a family and cook their meals as opposed to spending money at restaurants. This gave the family time to rest between hospital visits. The family was extremely grateful for Jason’s help and it allowed them to stay here without added stress until their family member passed away. Even though Jason wasn’t taking care of the actual patient, he was able to take care of the patient’s family. Creating a good experience for family members is just one part of creating the Ideal Patient Experience and we are extremely proud of Jason for going beyond what was expected of him to help this family who was in great need. They will remember his kindness during a tragic time in their lives."

September 2017 Recipients

Marcy Brodish – Administration
A coworker nominated Marcy.

"After working a late night meeting, Marcy was walking to her car parked at the Masonic Temple. Looking into the distance, Marcy could see that a young girl was trying to flag down vehicles. Marcy stopped and asked the girl what was wrong. She told Marcy she was a runaway from a local group home and she was trying to find a ride back to her home in the Altoona area. She told Marcy that she could not go back to the group home because she was being bullied. At one point during the conversation she conveyed that she had thoughts of harming herself. She showed Marcy signs of self-hurt to her arms. Marcy urged the girl to go back to the group home but if she couldn’t, she would she go to the hospital for help and care. The girl agreed that she would go to the hospital and asked Marcy for directions. Marcy initially was going to leave, comfortable with the thought that the girl would go to the hospital but after heading home, she was so worried about the girl that she turned her car around, found the girl and took her to our Emergency Room. She got the girl settled in the waiting room and talked to the staff about why the girl was there. As Marcy was leaving, she saw the girl being escorted into triage. The girl stopped and thanked Marcy for her kindness.  The next day when Marcy came to work she was still emotionally shaken over the incident, wondering how the girl was and if she did everything she could for her. Marcy’s actions were not only selfless but also compassionate. She showed all of our CARING Values and her willingness to get involved was a true reflection of our mission, “Making Communities Healthier”. Marcy is a great role model for all of us."

Leann Cruse – 7 Ashman
A coworker nominated Leann.

"There are many reasons to nominate Leann who is the coordinator on Ashman 7. Here are just a few of her actions. She noticed that a discharged patient left her radio and discharge instructions at the hospital. At the end of her shift, Leann took both to the patient’s home. The patient did not live near Leann and the drive was out of her way. When Leann got to the patient’s home, she asked Leann if she could drop off a prescription for her at the pharmacy so it would be ready when the patient went to pick it up.  Leann went to Rite Aid, per the patient’s request but the store had closed at 3:00 p.m. So, Leann drove back to the patient’s home to tell her. The patient asked Leann if she would take the prescription to the CVS pharmacy instead.  Leann graciously agreed to help this patient and went back to the second pharmacy. 

On another occasion, we had a patient from Arbutus Manor and he forgot to bring his glasses upon admission to the hospital. He told Leann he couldn’t see anything without them. The patient’s family is from out of town so Leann called Arbutus Manor and arranged to pick up his glasses after she finished her shift.  She picked them up and delivered them to the patient.

We had a patient who was discharged with an aspira drain. The patient forgot to take along the equipment he needed for the drain. The patient lived in Bedford, but after her shift, Leann drove to Bedford to deliver the equipment to the patient. 

Another patient who had been a patient on Ashman 7 was readmitted to the hospital. He immediately wanted Leann to know he was here. He developed a rapport with her on his last admission. Leann took him flowers. 

There are only a few of the things that Leann does for her patients on an everyday basis. She puts her patient’s needs first to assure that they have everything they need to heal and get better. These patients are all extremely appreciative of Leann’s kindness and compassion. Thank you Leann!"

August 2017 Recipients

Jacob Norman – 6 Ashman
A patient’s family nominated Jacob.

"My mother was brought to the ICU unit. She was unresponsive and her diagnosis was not determined. As you can imagine our family was scared and concerned. Everything happened so quickly. Upon her admission to ICU, her nurse, Jacob Normal could not have been more informative, compassionate or caring for us. He understood what we were feeling and he addressed all and any of our concerns. He was there to answer our questions and we had a lot.  When we got the prognosis, which wasn’t good, he was there again to comfort us. The following day when her ventilator was removed, he was there with us.  He did everything in his power to make the horrible situation easier for us. Our family truly believes that he went above and beyond his role as a nurse. I think the most touching gesture was when my mom passed, Jacob hugged my father. As I sit here and write this letter with tears in my eyes, it still made my heart smile to know there are such caring people as Jacob in this world. My mother was just another patient, but the compassion and empathy he showed my father and my family is beyond words to us. We want everybody at Conemaugh to know what a wonderful man you have working in your ICU."

Jason Kubat - 10 Ashman
A coworker nominated Jason

"A patient was being discharged from 10 Ashman. The patient had a difficult admission as he learned that his cancer had progressed and he was in excruciating pain. The new pain medicine that he started was making him confused and he was also starting radiation treatments. He and his wife were overwhelmed. His discharge was challenging and it took a long time to make sure everything was right. Not too long after the patient left the hospital, we received a call from the patient’s wife stating that she was at their pharmacy and the pharmacy could not fill the pain medication prescription because it was not signed by the physician.  The wife was very upset as she had not yet taken her husband home. It was not safe to let her husband home alone so she would need to bring her husband with her as she went back to the hospital for a signed prescription. Jason was very empathetic to their situation and he immediately offered to step in and help.  He got a signed prescription and told the patient’s wife that he would meet her at the pharmacy. Jason was not assigned to this patient but that did not stop him from stepping in to help. He went above and beyond his required duties and showed compassion for the situation. Jason is a great employee who has the ability to get along with everyone he encounters. Often times he will volunteer to take a patient if they are a difficult case and he always goes out of his way to work closely with the patient’s families. These are just a few instances where Jason went above and beyond his required duties. His actions everyday exemplify our CARING values."

Sam Clinger – 7 Ashman
Family of a patient and coworkers nominated Sam.

"Sam Clinger is an exceptional nurse and employee. He is acknowledged daily by his patients and their families. He is strong clinically and he lives our CARING Values. Sam also is very engaged with his department and is a preceptor and has agreed to attend the mentoring education. He willingly participates when presentations are needed for hospital based teams. He recently volunteered to be on the Heparin Lean Team and the team reported that Sam provided valuable input on processes that needed fixed. Sam maintains a positive attitude on the unit and is a cheerleader for the health system, by constantly promoting CHS.  Here are just some great examples of how Sam lives our CARING Values. 

Sam had a patient being discharged. He needed help getting one of his prescriptions filled. He asked Sam if anyone on the floor could take his scripts to Martella’s pharmacy. Sam immediately offered to do this for the patient. In doing so, Sam realized that the patient did not have prescription coverage and the patient couldn’t afford the scripts. Sam took his own money and paid for the patient’s prescriptions. He also bought him a bottle of cough medicine. We want to recognize Sam, but not because he spent his money. Rather, Sam had genuine concern for the patient and his ability to get better. He did not want to see the patient take a step back or be readmitted. 

Another family wrote about their mother who was a patient. The doctor was asked to send the patient’s prescriptions to a new pharmacy, however the doctor sent it to the patient’s old pharmacy. That old pharmacy was only open until 3 and was closed on Sunday and the patient was being discharged after 2 p.m. on Saturday. The family was concerned as to how they would get the medications so they called the pharmacy and asked then to transfer the scripts to the new pharmacy. Unfortunately, the pharmacy missed calling in the patient’s script for Lasix. When they realized it, the family immediately called the floor and talked to Sam. Sam recognized their concern and the fact that the patient needed the Lasix. Sam sought out the doctor and had him write the script for Lasix that the family picked up and had filled. The patient’s daughter who works in the medical field said that had her Mom gone a day or 2 without the Lasix, she is certain her mother would have been readmitted. She said that she and her family greatly appreciated Sam going to great lengths to assure her mother had her Lasix. He left a very positive impression on this family. 

We think Sam is a very caring and kind hearted young man and we think he is very deserving of a Gold Star."

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