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Physician Extra Mile Award Recipients

November 2017 - Dr. Nicholas Masciotra, Conemaugh Physician Group - Ear, Nose, and Throat

“My son was suffering from many ear, throat, and allergy problems. Dr. Masciotra always went out of his way to see him. He researched and addressed problems promptly. He was even kind enough to meet my son on a Sunday afternoon at the office to address his concerns. My son was a college student living in Philadelphia, and Dr. Masciotra always made sure he was available. My son and I can’t thank him enough. He has always gone above and beyond to help. Thank you, Dr. Masciotra!”

October 2017 - Dr. Nicholas Lanciano, Conemaugh Physician Group - Neurology

“Our staff has the utmost respect for Dr. Lanciano. He helps keep morale up in the office and is always positive. He provides support to staff, and goes above and beyond for patients. He is always compassionate with patients and families, no matter how challenging the situation. We are so proud of him.”

September 2017 - Dr. Fredrick Munzer, Family Medicine

"Dr. Munzer helped in a situation with an irrate family on a nursing floor."

July 2017 - Dr. Donato Carusi, Ophthamology

“A patient was brought to the Department of Emergency Medicine on a weekend day with a chemical injury to the face. Dr. Carusi came to the department rather than having the patient wait and be seen in the office the following week. He did this even though he had already made multiple trips to the hospital that day. He clearly put the patient’s welfare and convenience first.”