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Date NameParents
Sep. 21 Girl Deandra Serenty and Stephen
Sep. 20 Girl Ava Chantal and Russell
Sep. 20 Boy Jayceon Nicole and Josh
Sep. 20 Boy Mikayla Angela and Jason
Sep. 20 Boy Novalee Sarah and David
Sep. 19 Boy Bentley Chelsea and James
Sep. 19 Boy Dylan Emily and James
Sep. 19 Boy Lincoln Heather and Jason
Sep. 19 Girl Teagan Cindy and Aaron
Sep. 18 Boy Isaac Elise and George
Sep. 18 Boy Paxton Wendy and Derek
Sep. 18 Boy Wyatt Ashley and Josey
Sep. 18 Boy Zeke Jennifer and Roger
Sep. 17 Girl Ariauna Caitlin and Daniel
Sep. 17 Girl Ava Alicia and Tim
Sep. 17 Boy Noah Megan and Clinton
Sep. 16 Boy Demitrius Brittany and Dwayne
Sep. 16 Boy Joseph Jennifer and Michael
Sep. 16 Boy Liam Ashley and John
Sep. 16 Boy Liam-James Jamie
Sep. 16 Girl Lilly Jamie
Sep. 16 Boy Nathan Allison and Paul
Sep. 16 Boy Nikolai Carrie
Sep. 15 Girl Jewelyia Mary and Tim
Sep. 15 Boy Julian Monica and Johnathan
Sep. 15 Girl Madilynn Kayla and Beau
Sep. 14 Girl Samina Nishelle
Sep. 14 Boy William Amber and George
Sep. 13 Boy Andrew Karen and Jerome
Sep. 12 Girl Avalyn Gabby and Dwaine
Sep. 12 Girl Evelyn Allison and John
Sep. 12 Boy Gannon Carly and Andrew
Sep. 11 Girl Amelia Kristen and Shane
Sep. 11 Girl Ryleigh Michelle and Eric
Sep. 11 Boy Weston Ashley and William
Sep. 10 Boy Adam Kayla and Adam
Sep. 10 Girl Ava Jessica and George
Sep. 10 Boy Beau Jessica and Jonathan
Sep. 10 Boy Cannon Kristan and Craig
Sep. 10 Boy Nicholas Michelle and Steven
Sep. 10 Boy Parker Ashley and John
Sep. 9 Girl Alayna Sherry and Robert
Sep. 9 Boy Brylee Heather
Sep. 9 Girl Carrie Amanda and Michael
Sep. 9 Girl Faith Diona and Jerome
Sep. 9 Girl Izabela Allison and Lucas
Sep. 9 Girl Jocelyn Angela and Jason
Sep. 9 Girl Leah Amy and Daniel
Sep. 8 Girl Kendall Tiffany and Landon
Sep. 8 Girl Sophia Katie
Sep. 8 Girl Symiah Megan and Derick
Sep. 8 Girl Taylor Sheena and Joshua
Sep. 7 Girl Natasha Amanda and Rudolph
Sep. 6 Girl Emri Ashley and Doug
Sep. 6 Boy Kingsley Jessica and Wesley
Sep. 6 Boy Talib Keshia and Caleb
Sep. 5 Girl Alivia Brittany and David
Sep. 5 Boy Camoren Satina and Jesse
Sep. 5 Boy Cooper Amanda and Gregory
Sep. 5 Girl Sailem Sierra and Jeffery
Sep. 5 Girl Victoria Candy and Patrick
Sep. 4 Girl Aubree Jayme and Melanie
Sep. 4 Boy Austin Jordyn and Trevor
Sep. 4 Boy Benjamin Tausha and Aaron
Sep. 4 Girl Brielle Christine and David
Sep. 4 Girl Carolyn Laura and Cory
Sep. 4 Boy Troy Ellen and Joshua
Sep. 3 Boy Brooks Kelly and Michael
Sep. 3 Boy Cameron MarCia and Joseph
Sep. 3 Girl Delaney Alisha and David
Sep. 3 Girl Heather Stephanie and Douglas
Sep. 3 Boy Tayo Stacey and Richard
Sep. 2 Girl Aislyn Tabbitha and George
Sep. 2 Girl Jaylynn Samantha and Robert
Sep. 2 Girl Macie Bonnie and John
Sep. 2 Girl Raegan Jacque and Tim
Sep. 1 Girl Aaliyah Alexandria and Richard
Sep. 1 Girl Autumn Alexandria and Matthew
Sep. 1 Boy Johnathan Amanda
Sep. 1 Girl Julia Jennifer and Chris