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Date NameParents
Jan. 23 Girl Allison Lisa and John
Jan. 23 Girl Kaya Mandy and Christopher
Jan. 23 Boy Najair Christina and Llarry
Jan. 23 Boy Nazir Christina and Larry
Jan. 22 Girl Abigail Dana and Eric
Jan. 22 Boy Camerson Erin and Dave
Jan. 22 Boy Carter Ashley and Joshua
Jan. 20 Boy Allison Ashley and Franklin
Jan. 20 Girl Arianna Michelle and Andrew
Jan. 20 Boy Daniel Jennifer and Douglas
Jan. 20 Boy Dominic Celina and Leonard
Jan. 18 Boy Jensen Connie and James
Jan. 17 Boy Charlie Nicole and Joel
Jan. 17 Girl Clara Alison and Matt
Jan. 17 Girl Kaelynn Alyssa and Stephon
Jan. 17 Girl Lucy Jordan and Philip
Jan. 16 Boy Augustus Susannah and Sebastian
Jan. 16 Girl Briella Rachel and Justin
Jan. 16 Girl Kristiana Krista and Christopher
Jan. 15 Boy Andrew Luarette and Raymond
Jan. 15 Boy Brody Jamie and Jason
Jan. 15 Boy Micheal Tina and Frank
Jan. 14 Boy Gabriel Christi
Jan. 14 Boy Gino Amber and Brian
Jan. 14 Girl Nevaeh Nicole
Jan. 14 Boy Owen Allison and Donald
Jan. 14 Boy Trevor Katherine and Warren
Jan. 13 Girl Addison Heather and Allen
Jan. 13 Girl Anna Casandra and Chris
Jan. 13 Boy Brody Barbara and Justin
Jan. 13 Boy George Jessica and William
Jan. 12 Boy Jace Jazmen and Aaron
Jan. 12 Girl Joscelyn Brianne and Josh
Jan. 12 Boy Keontae' Brandi
Jan. 12 Boy Landon Crystal and Jessie
Jan. 11 Girl Harlow Courntey and Aaron
Jan. 10 Girl Cassidy Kayla and Andrew
Jan. 10 Boy Leo Jenna and Jason
Jan. 9 Boy Andrew Jamie and Ryan
Jan. 9 Girl Ashton Jamie and Ryan
Jan. 9 Boy Ethan Kristal and Brad
Jan. 9 Boy Jase Laura and Samuel
Jan. 9 Boy Jonah Sharon and Jesse
Jan. 9 Boy Joseph Nadine and Rick
Jan. 9 Boy Kashton Brittany and Kristopher
Jan. 8 Girl Autumn Melanie and Eric
Jan. 8 Girl Ceniye Natasha and Charles
Jan. 8 Girl Lynley Megan and Jason
Jan. 8 Girl Tori Amy and David
Jan. 7 Boy Gino Tara and Guido
Jan. 7 Girl Paisley Julianne and Michael
Jan. 6 Boy Ashton Marisa and Tyler
Jan. 6 Boy Braxton Marisa and Tyler
Jan. 6 Boy Slade Samantha and Matthew
Jan. 5 Boy Ethan Tanya and Dave
Jan. 5 Boy Ezra Zenia
Jan. 5 Boy Grady Lyndsay and Brett
Jan. 5 Boy Steven Jessenia and Steven
Jan. 5 Boy Xavier Tenessa and Jesse
Jan. 4 Boy Fallon Victoria and Frank
Jan. 4 Boy Maverick Kayla and John
Jan. 3 Boy Cameron Erin and Cody
Jan. 3 Boy Gionni Kailey and Tony
Jan. 3 Girl Selena Tiffany and Gerald
Jan. 2 Boy Branson Kayla and Joshua
Jan. 2 Girl Gianna Tricia and Joe
Jan. 2 Boy Jude Michelle and Justin
Jan. 2 Boy McKinley Samantha and Travis
Jan. 2 Girl Natalie Cassandra and Jason
Jan. 1 Girl Adriana Tanesha and Kurt
Jan. 1 Boy Cameron Nicole and Alexander
Jan. 1 Girl Peyton Katie and Steve