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Date NameParents
Oct. 28 Boy Brody Jana and Jeffrey
Oct. 28 Girl Finley Corrinne
Oct. 28 Boy Lucca Lacee
Oct. 28 Boy Mason Jana and Jeffrey
Oct. 27 Girl Stella Holly and Chris
Oct. 27 Boy Zander Patricia and Justin
Oct. 26 Girl Amira Amanda and Kari
Oct. 26 Girl Catherine Kaitlyn and Ian
Oct. 26 Boy Wyatt Courtnie and Brennen
Oct. 24 Boy Aiden Bryanna
Oct. 24 Girl Chloe Kelly and Jared
Oct. 24 Girl Danika Kate and Dan
Oct. 24 Boy Shawn Tanya and Joshua
Oct. 23 Girl Alisyn Kristie and Eugene
Oct. 23 Girl Daphney Casey and Bryan
Oct. 23 Girl Lily Hali and Nicholas
Oct. 23 Girl Savannah Elise and Jared
Oct. 22 Girl Annelise Kristin and Nicholas
Oct. 22 Girl Gwen Lynn and Ernst
Oct. 22 Girl Leah Lynn and Ernst
Oct. 22 Girl Naya Brianne and Shane
Oct. 22 Girl Payton Courtney and Nathan
Oct. 21 Girl Harper Tiffany and George
Oct. 21 Boy Luke Lauren and Eric
Oct. 21 Boy Marcus Melana and Brandon
Oct. 21 Boy Peter Joanna and William
Oct. 21 Girl Terah Diane and Todd
Oct. 20 Girl Addison Sherry and Mark
Oct. 20 Girl Angeleah Vanessa
Oct. 20 Boy Joseph Tiffany and Matthew
Oct. 20 Girl Skylar Jennifer and Daniel
Oct. 19 Girl Alayna Carrie and Robert
Oct. 19 Boy Gavin Amanda and Derek
Oct. 19 Girl Izabella Ashley and Joel
Oct. 19 Boy Joseph Jennifer and Joseph
Oct. 17 Girl Gabriella Diana and Alexander
Oct. 17 Girl Hayden Kayla
Oct. 17 Boy Tien Kelly and Francisco
Oct. 16 Boy Asiyah Brandy and Shaquille
Oct. 16 Girl Vivian Amy and Brian
Oct. 15 Boy Harrison Heather and Steve
Oct. 15 Boy Hayden Heather and Steve
Oct. 15 Boy Kaleb Sarah and Keith
Oct. 15 Girl Kendyl Megan and Timothy
Oct. 15 Boy Luke Melissa and Marc
Oct. 15 Girl Marcella Allison and Mark
Oct. 14 Boy Christian Sara and Casey
Oct. 14 Boy Frankie Nicole and Frank
Oct. 14 Girl Peyton Tara and Nicholas
Oct. 13 Girl A'Niya Alyssa and Braheen
Oct. 13 Girl Lilly Miranda and Justin
Oct. 12 Girl Arabella Katelyn and Timothy
Oct. 12 Boy Benjamin Kimberly and Joseph
Oct. 10 Boy Levi Jamie
Oct. 10 Girl Makenna Jan
Oct. 10 Boy Troy Rebecca and Antonio
Oct. 8 Girl Chloe Alexis and Joshua
Oct. 8 Girl Leah Jaime and Scott
Oct. 8 Boy Orion Jessica and Garrett
Oct. 8 Girl Sylvia Racquel and Jeremy
Oct. 7 Boy Bentley Blair and Brett
Oct. 7 Boy Christian Rachel and Robert
Oct. 7 Boy Colby Joy and Christopher
Oct. 7 Boy Damon Lola and Scott
Oct. 7 Boy Parker Tara and Leo
Oct. 6 Boy Grabriel Marianna and Christopher
Oct. 6 Girl Isaly Olivia
Oct. 6 Girl Laiken Loren and Pete
Oct. 6 Girl Maria Kaitlyn and Mathew
Oct. 5 Boy Tavante Shameka
Oct. 5 Boy Trey Crystal and Scott
Oct. 4 Boy Brendan Alexandra and Robert
Oct. 4 Girl Kathryn Mellissa and Gregory
Oct. 4 Girl Quinn Cynthia and Justin
Oct. 3 Boy Logan Cindy and Ryan
Oct. 3 Boy Troy Crystal
Oct. 2 Boy Beau Diamond and Michael
Oct. 2 Boy Blake Jamie and Michael
Oct. 2 Boy Dimitri Teresa and Grady
Oct. 2 Boy Hudson Maria and Ryan
Oct. 2 Boy Mason Amanda and Adam
Oct. 2 Girl Savannah Elizabeth and Jorge
Oct. 1 Girl Blessing Teekeira
Oct. 1 Boy Gavin Justina and Dwight
Oct. 1 Boy Hunter Amanda and John
Oct. 1 Boy Jett Melanie and Garett
Oct. 1 Boy Locklyn Ashley and Von
Oct. 1 Girl Olivia Nicole and Matthew