Patient Information

Conemaugh Nason Medical Center

Admission to Conemaugh Nason Medical Center

During an admission to Conemaugh Nason, staff will talk with the patient to verfiy personal data and insurance information. Patient information is required for hospital records and assists in providing accurate information for the healthcare staff treating the patient. The patient or patient representative will be asked to sign forms to authorize medical treatment during hospitalization. Staff offers a choice of private and semi-private rooms. While every effort is made to honor the patient's preference, alternative arrangements may be necessary for physician orders or hospital requirements. Requests for room changes will be honored as bed space is available.

Click here for Conemaugh Nason's Non-Discrimination Notice

Pain Management and Comfort

Nursing staff will make every effort to safely treat the patient's pain and keep the patient comfortable. Visitors should notify nursing staff if the patient is showing any of the following signs indicating pain:

  • Facial wrinkling, blinking eyes, grimacing
  • Guarding an area of the body
  • Crying / moaning
  • Reduction in social interactions / routines
  • Aggression, hitting / biting
  • Increase in body movements
  • Irritability, increased confusion

Patient Safety

Conemaugh Nason Medical Center works to ensure patient safety by:

  • Educating hospital and medical staff regarding patient safety practices
  • Maintaining a Patient Safety Committee with community representation leading to patient safety efforts
  • Participating in Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Initiatives
  • Maintaining accreditation by The Joint Commission and participating in its safety initiatives including implementing best practices related to National Patient Safety Goals and encouraging patients to become active, involved, and informed participants in the healthcare team through the Speak Up campaign.

Conemaugh Nason's Patient Safety Officer can be reached at 814.224.6272.

Personal Belongings

Patients will be asked to present a photo identification card, insurance card, and a form of payment (cash, check, or credit / debit card) if payment is requested prior to hospitalization. Valuable items should then be given to a family member for safe keeping during the patient's hospital admission. 

The patient's physician will prescribe medications during a hospital admission. Staff will administer medication to ensure proper tracking in the patient's medical record. Patients should not take medications from home as they will be given to the patient by hospital staff. Patients are encouraged to bring a list of medications with them to the hospital.

Meal Service

Each patient will receive a menu to select meals which comply with the diet prescribed by the physician. Guest trays are available for a nominal cost when the Snack Bar is closed. A guest meal will be offered as a courtesy to a parent or guardian of a pediatric patient (age 14 and under) at each meal during the patient's admission.

Conemaugh Nason's dietitian provides nutrition education free of charge for patients and is available to consult with families. 


Conemaugh Nason Medical Center provides each patient a television in his or her room with cable service free of charge. Hospital staff will provide assistance for television operation as needed.


Patient room telephones are available for patients to make and receive calls.

  • Calling patient: Family members and friends can reach patient by dialing "224" + direct extension number found on patient's phone. Cell phones may also be used in both patient rooms and waiting areas.
  • Local calls: Dial "9" + desired phone number. All local calls are free of charge.
  • Long distance calls: These calls will be made collect and will be charged to patient's home phone or calling card.
    • Within 814 area code, dial "9" + "0" + "814" + remaining digits of desired phone number
    • Outside 814 area code: dial "9" + "0" + entire desired phone number
    • AT&T: dial "9" + "1" + "800-225-5288". Patient must call collect to charge calling card.

Newspapers and Mail

Newspapers and other reading materials may be purchased from the Gift Shop. 

Letters, packages, and flowers addressed to the patient will be delivered directly to the patient's room. 

Spiritual Care

A private room is located off the Main Lobby for the convenience of anyone desiring a quiet location for rest and meditation.

Notary Service

Notary services are available to patients free of charge. Patients can request assistance from the nursing staff.