Conemaugh Nason Medical Center

William Albert Nason, MD was born in Townsville, PA on June 23, 1862. Like his father and two brothers, he chose to be a physician. He began his medical practice in Pleasantville, PA after graduating from Allegheny College, Meadville, PA and Rush Medical College, Chicago, IL in 1892. Dr. Nason and six other Roaring Spring businessmen purchased the Park Hotel and established a private sanatorium on May 1, 1896. Dr. Nason served as the first Superintendent of the facility which was chartered as a charitable, non-profitable hospital on April 1, 1900 and became a community enterprise.

In December 1900, an amendment to the charter changed the name of the corporation from the “Nason Sanatorium” to “The Nason Hospital Association”. The charter was issued “for the purpose of conducting a sanatorium and hospital and the training of nurses”. A June 1, 1900 account stated, “While yet in comparative embryo, it has made wonderful progress. Its development has been marvelous, and as it now stands as an incorporated institution, we predict a glorious future. Dr. Nason is the right man in the right place. His success has been phenomenal, backed by a brilliant staff of the ablest physicians in the country, it will press to the front as one of the state’s leading institutions.”

Dr. Nason had a wide reputation as a skillful surgeon and is credited with performing the first appendectomy in this section of the country. He was superintendent and chief of staff at Nason Hospital until a few years before his death. He also served as a surgeon for the Pennsylvania Railroad and was chief surgeon and chief of staff at Mercy Hospital in Altoona, PA. Dr. Nason’s salary from the corporation was $75 which was wholly applied to the Hospital. His only means of recompense during this time was derived from outside work. For a period of 25 years, the income was insufficient to cover the expenses, so the deficit was paid by Dr. Nason out of his private income. “Looking Eighty Years Backward”, a 1920 historical publication about Roaring Spring, pays a high tribute to the late Dr. Nason and describes him as “a great blessing to our town and our community”. Throughout his life, Dr. Nason was committed to the success of Nason Hospital with both his dedication and endowment. Dr. Nason died on April 29, 1934 at the age of 71. His picture hangs in a place of honor in Nason Hospital. Dr. Nason’s vision of having an excellent hospital for the Cove region continues to be the same as those who are leading the Hospital and caring for patients.

In 2015, Nason Hospital was acquired by LifePoint Healthcare and became part of Conemaugh Health System. The hospital name was changed to Conemaugh Nason Medical Center in 2017.