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Pre-Clinical Observational Experience
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Any learner wishing to observe patient care who has chosen a field of study and requires contact hours prior to program admission. These individuals under no circumstances can be involved in direct patient care or charting of patient care.

The pre-clinical observational experience lasting greater than 12 hours within one year’s time requires a full complement of clearances and must also have written authorization from the clinician responsible for supervision.

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All completed documentation must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Medical Education, four weeks prior to the scheduled experience.


Student must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and currently be in good standing with their academic institution.

Student understands that clinical experiences will NOT be offered in the following areas:

  • CCU (Cardiac Care Unit)
  • ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
  • RICN (Regional Intensive Care Nursery)

Student understands that he/she is solely responsible for these arrangements. Discussion or correspondence with parents or significant others is not permitted.

Deadline for securing “summer shadowing” is March 1.

Applications for other shadowing experiences should be completed 90 days prior to initial activity date.